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Aerohive Products | Access Points, Switches & Routers

Aerohive products access points switches and routers

Over 1,000,000 Access Points Deployed World-Wide

A leading manufacturer of access points and accessories, Aerohive is also a pioneer in controllerless Wi-Fi and cloud-based NAC. It shines among its competitors with advanced capabilities and easy deployment. 

A leader in K-12 and higher education, it specializes in SaaS, SD-WAN and SD-LAN solutions, cloud management and edge capabilities. 

Aerohive has an extensive footprint in AI and has developed prebuilt analytic applications for both education and retail. It is also known for innovation and problem-solving.  Its Atom AP30 wireless access point plugs into a wall outlet, connecting with the network through mesh technology. This is a cost-saving game-changer for hotels, classrooms, dormitories and carpeted offices.

Aerohive Connect - Enterprise Wi-Fi Connectivity without Compromise

Aerohive Connect is suited for organizations that have basic connectivity needs but expect to utilize network visibility, security, and other enterprise Wi-Fi features in the near future.

  • Planning Tools – RF planner with Google Maps make it simple to design and monitor your Wi-Fi environment
  • Guided Configuration – Step-by-step configuration and intuitive network management makes anyone an instant Wi-Fi guru
  • Auto Provisioning – Access Points automatically connect to management platform and download latest configuration and firmware, reducing operational complexity

Aerohive A3 - The Better Way to Secure Your Access Network

A3 delivers a complete Network Access Control (NAC) for all wireless and wired clients on the network. Major capabilities include:

  • Self-service onboarding
  • Guest and BYOD management
  • Automated device provisioning
  • Policy-based and compliance-based access control
  • Built-in RADIUS Server
  • Device profiling

A3 is vendor agnostic and can be deployed on all major vendors’ access networks.

Aerohive SD-WAN - Anytime, Anywhere Access

Aerohive's SD-WAN solution provides fast, reliable, and secure HQ-like network access to midsize remote locations and teleworkers.

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