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Gencom fiber cables, sfps, and optics


Whether it’s chocolate and peanut butter or Mickey and Minnie, some things just go better together. Trifecta Networks and Gencom are no exception!

Today’s rapidly changing technologies and limited IT budgets require an infrastructure that’s flexible and positioned for the future, thereby avoiding costly rip and replace projects when a new technology emerges. Your Trifecta team will carefully consider your objectives and budget requirements, providing customized solutions you can deploy with confidence.

You can’t afford to gamble with the “cheap” stuff. It’s not worth the time or trouble tracking down network anomalies, caused by using inferior or inconsistent materials, to save a few pennies. Your reputation, and the company’s, are on the line.

It’s performance, consistent quality and value that make Gencom the choice of IT managers for mission-critical data center and edge infrastructure implementations. And with more than 20 years of proven reliability, Gencom cables, optical transceivers and accessories pair perfectly with Trifecta Networks hardware solutions. Both are covered by an ironclad full-service Lifetime Warranty.

Enjoy the peace of mind Gencom and Trifecta Networks can bring to your next project.

Gencom Cables

Gencom fiber cables

Today’s rapidly emerging technologies depend more than ever on infrastructures that are reliable, adaptable and expandable. Choosing the right cable is the first step toward ensuring your project’s success.

With build quality and user-friendly features in mind, you can rely on Gencom copper and fiber cables to deliver cost-effective, consistent connections with the most throughput, thereby maximizing your hardware’s full performance capabilities.

Engaging our experienced team to help navigate the vast array of cable and connector choices will save you valuable time and potentially costly mistakes when specifying copper or fiber cable types for your next project.

Gencom Optical Transceivers and Direct-Attach Cables

Gencom optics & direct attach cables

The demand for faster network speeds is ever increasing. Unfortunately, budgets to meet those demands are not. At the same time, the need for an “always on” network is becoming the new normal.

Gencom optical transceivers and direct-attach cables enable you to save significantly over purchasing OEM branded (typically 70%-90% off MSRP). They are built to meet and exceed OEM specifications for performance, functionality and compatibility. With custom Gencom hardware and coding, we can also deliver optical transceivers and direct-attach cables that are not available from the OEM; for example, longer reach and bi-directional optics, as well as hybrid direct-attach cables (each end coded for a different manufacturer).

With more than 50 supported manufacturers and a Lifetime Warranty, Gencom optical transceivers and direct-attach cables help reduce your network hardware spend without sacrificing quality or performance.

Gencom Accessories

Often overlooked but no less critical to a successful hardware deployment is everything needed to secure it, patch it and keep it neatly organized.

Rely on Gencom components for the most efficient-running, best-looking and easiest to troubleshoot installations. Racks, patch panels and innovative cable management solutions all come with a Lifetime Warranty.

We’re here to help you avoid any design decisions that may result in poor performance, which can lead to overcrowded, overheated and poorly organized network closets, server rooms or data centers. The all-too-likely outcome of that is downtime for your operation.

Contact us today for reliable solutions for your IT Infrastructure