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IT Lifecycle Management Partner

Your IT Lifecycle Management Partner

As an IT professional you know how much your responsibilities have changed over the past decade. No longer are you tasked with simply keeping everyone’s workstations functioning and ensuring access to the web. IT now has a seat at the executive table and as a result it’s become a major driver behind enterprise success, touching all departments and partnering on value creation initiatives.  

Unfortunately, most IT budgets can’t keep up with that expanding demand. In order to succeed, you need to be able to do more with less. 

Trifecta Networks can help you reframe your strategy by packing value into every step of the IT lifecycle: procurement, implementation, maintenance and decommissioning. In short, we’ll help you work smarter, not harder. 

Let’s break it down. 

The 4 Stages of IT Lifecycle Management

It’s time to break out of the mindset that new hardware is the only way to go. Research shows that equipment has the highest failure rate at two points: at the end of its lifecycle and when it’s new. The smarter way to buy is a mix of new and certified pre-owned – a solution that’s the perfect fit for your needs and budget.  
We’ve already established that most companies are stretching their IT resources too thin. As a result, it’s not efficient to expect that team to be able to handle all the little details and nuances of installing every piece of equipment. An experienced services organization is your best ally to take the mundane, time consuming and complex tasks around implementing and rolling out your equipment across multiple locations. The right partnership can help you make the most of your resources so your team can focus on business-critical tasks.  
What good is investing in equipment without also investing in strong support? Remember that the manufacturers’ programs are not your only choice. A smarter way is a hybrid model of OEM support, third-party maintenance and a spares program to give you the coverage you need without having to pay for things that you don’t.

Maximize ROI on the technology you want to replace by utilizing an IT asset disposition partner like Trifecta Networks. Not only will we pay top dollar for that replaced gear, but we also offer the peace of mind that comes with choosing a partner with decades of experience ensuring secure data destruction, hassle free packing and shipping, as well as serialized reporting.  

Doing more with less is a lot simpler when you have a partner like Trifecta with the expertise to drive value at every stage in the IT lifecycle. Call Trifecta Networks today at 866-771-9785 for solutions to today’s IT lifecycle. 


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