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Professionally Refurbished Pre-owned Juniper Networks Routers

Trifecta's 5-Star Certified* pre-owned Juniper routers are ideal for cost-savings and reliability for small-to-medium-sized business, branch offices, campuses and enterprise facilities. 

Juniper Networks has scalable network routing solutions for delivery speed demands of 1GB, 10GB, 40GB and 100GB and higher. The Juniper MX series router line is the choice to migrate to or build upon for enterprises and service providers. For quick reference purposes, if you are looking at the MX5, MX10, MX40, MX80, MX104, MX150, MX204, MX240, MX480, MX960, MX2008, MX2010, MX2020, or MX10003 series models, these routers have the flexibility for modular configurations to allow for upgrading to be a breeze.

Each model has different power requirements, noise levels, and dimensions. What they all have in common though, is their ability to perform and keep your network running with superior reliability. Juniper's MX series 3D Universal Edge Routers are the ultimate solution for cloud service providers to ensure customers can continuously be serviced fast and without interruption.


Even more Solutions for Data Centers, Service Providers and Enterprises

The MX series is impressive, but there are even more options available.

The PTX series is ideal for 100GbE environments with would be ideal as a core or supercore router for next-generation data centers and service providers. We are talking the best in in performance while being extremely energy efficient at less than a half a watt per Gbps.

Another popular choice is the Juniper M series routers. the first M series router was the M40 which debuted in 1998. Being such a success, Juniper continued to expand throughout the years to make improvements and more models of these aggregated routers to meet the needs of our heavy traffic-demand world. This series is more than viable today.

There are even more choices for enterprises, the T-series delivers powerful performance ranging from 320G up to 25TB. This solution is ideal for major ISPs and telecom providers around the world.

If Looking for a high-quality universal access router, the Juniper ACX series simplifies access and aggregation architectures by eliminating unnecessary layers and network overlays, dramatically reducing CapEx and OpEx. With over 9 different models to choose from, there is a solution for your network.

The Juniper E-series routers range deployments from small-to-medium businesses to a variety of service provider services. The E320 router specifically was designed to handle IPTV and QoS, which of course, helped handle the demand for video. The ERX routers, part of the E series, are more on the solution side for those small-to-medium sized businesses.

The J series routers are ideal for small business by providing 600MB to 2GB. These are recommended if you know your network will stay small. We recommend moving into a more up to date Juniper router.

Finally, for a time-division multiplexing solution, the CTP series offers reliable and efficient access to next-generation IP networks with all of their cost, redundancy, and efficiency advantages. Customers can gain the advantages of converged multiservice IP networking without the complexities and cost required for VoIP upgrades.