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Ruckus Wireless Access Points | Routers | Premium Wifi Solutions

Innovative Ruckus wireless access point technology solutions

Ruckus Networks is a leader in providing wired and wireless networking equipment software and solutions.

Trifecta Networks has chosen Ruckus as a premier solution provider for wired and wireless technology. Ruckus Wi-Fi, switching, cloud and software products drive networking solutions for enterprise settings, communities and government.

Ruckus solution case studies

Read how Boulevard Brewing Co. ranks number one with 802.11AC deployment and Evangel University has changed the way students learn with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi.

Download the Evangel University Case Study
Download the Boulevard Brewing Case Study
Ruckus authorized partner

Need Ruckus support or a quote on a wireless solution? Contact Trifecta Networks today!

Your needs change, technology evolves. Ruckus wireless solutions stays ahead of the curve – ready with robust, reliable support that matches your needs at every stage. And when you need professional services for your Ruckus wireless network, Trifecta Networks is your go-to partner. We offer Installation and deployments, site surveys (physical/heat maps), consulting, design and wireless network cabling.

Ruckus Wi-Fi solutions – worry-free connectivity makes good business sense

Powerful, secure, reliable. When you partner with Ruckus Networks, you get world-class solutions to your biggest Wi-Fi, access and switching challenges. Fast, seamless connections benefit many verticals.

    • Higher education – From classrooms to virtual classes, dorms to quads, connectivity is critical for learning success, and Ruckus access points deliver – even in older construction.
    • Hospitality – More than 80 percent of visitors report a bad hotel Wi-Fi Provide a strong and seamless wireless connection with Ruckus wireless access points. More than 70 percent of the hospitality market already does!
    • Small and medium-sized businesses – Plug-and-play Ruckus Networks APs and Cloud Wi-Fi deliver excellent coverage and scalable capabilities to SMBs without a heavy investment or specialized training.
    • Multi-dwelling units – Fast, reliable wireless networking is as essential an amenity as water and power in apartments, dorms and more. Ruckus Mesh networking is the answer.
    • Retail – Protect your brand credibility and gain a five-star reputation with trusted Ruckus wireless APs. Cloud-managed BeamFlex and ChannelFly options provide the fast, uninterrupted connection your customers demand.
    • Communication service providers – Ruckus Networks allows CSP providers to build managed public Wi-Fi and enhance Wi-Fi offload with WLAN controllers, APs, WLAN APIs and network analytics.
    • Federal and municipal – Federal, public service and military environments demand reliable and secure Wi-Fi and switching. Ruckus specializes in modernizing and scaling connectivity – on time and on budget.
    • Smart cities – Outdoor public Wi-Fi solutions start here, connecting all aspects of a vibrant city and enabling public safety, traffic/parking control and other essential functions seamlessly.

Popular Ruckus routers, switches and Wi-Fi options

Ruckus unleashed access points

Does your small or medium-sized business need a total package that grows with you affordably? Learn more about Ruckus router and wireless setups designed exclusively for you. Ruckus Unleashed is a high-performance, simple-to-setup, easy-to-manage and affordable portfolio of access points (APs). These APs use our patented technologies to deliver industry leading performance, but in a package designed and priced for small businesses.

Ruckus has a complete suire of access points that scale to meet the demands the campus, enterprise or service provider.

Ruckus R710

The Ruckus R710 offers an effective streaming multimedia application, delivering picture-perfect HD-quality IP video and crystal-clear voice services. It can simultaneously transmit to multiple Wave 2 clients in the widest available channels, enhancing performance and reliability in high-density locations.

Ruckus R610

The Ruckus R610 provides affordable yet powerful wireless performance for busy indoor locations such as retail venues and classrooms. It can be used with any Ruckus Wi-Fi control and management platform— appliance, virtual or cloud-managed

Ruckus H510

The Ruckus H510 is a perfect choice for medium-density indoor venues such as hotels, office building common areas, retailers and enterprise branches. This Ruckus access point provides fast data rates to extend range and mitigate interference.

Ruckus R310

The Ruckus R310 Indoor Access Point is a go-to Wi-Fi solution for smaller venues and low-density SME environments. Patented interference mitigation and performance optimization provides premium wireless networking performance without a premium price tag.

Ruckus ICX

Ruckus ICX Switches are a high-powered network solution that utilizes standard ethernet cables, long-distance stacking up to 12 switches per stack, and uses standard ethernet cables. Trifecta is an expert in networking solutions, with ten years of experience covering the different Ruckus and Brocade network layers:

    • Core
    • Distribution
    • Access

ZoneDirector 1200

ZoneDirector 1200 bridges the gap between individually managed, standalone APs and complex enterprise systems. This Wi-Fi controller offers small and medium-sized businesses simple deployment of services such as tiered Wi-Fi, IP-based video and secure enterprise access.

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