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Staging & Configuration Services

Staging & Configuration Services

No two technology environments are the same, and only you know how it needs to function to meet your business needs. Trifecta understands how critical it is that your technology projects get up and running smoothly.

Whether you need final assembly and testing services, asset tagging, custom software and product integration, or high-volume staging and configuration services, we can custom design a program that fits your business needs. Units are configured and tested in in our controlled environment so they’re ready to install upon arrival.

Save yourself the investment in time and resources with Trifecta’s easy-to-use and reliable staging configuration and deployment services. Utilize us for any of the following services or let us know what you need, and we’ll create a custom solution just for you:

  • Verify firmware/software revisions and memory capacities are compatible with built equipment and apply updates and upgrades as needed
  • Power on and test equipment using our state-of-the-art automated test lab facility to verify build compatibility
  • Certified Engineers on hand to assist you in designing the network to fit your needs
  • Engineers will pre-load your configuration on to the equipment, apply asset tags, and label each device and shipping container with your site-specific information and instructions
  • Engineers will test your configuration, generate RSA crypto keys, and configure remote access of your choosing
  • Once your equipment has completed staging it will be ready for plug-and-play deployment
  • Secure warehouse storage on a monthly basis
  • Logistics solutions to deploy equipment anywhere across the globe

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