As the dust begins to settle and we realize the “new normal” most infrastructures were not designed to handle this increased remote workforce load.

Chances are you’ve designed your network to handle remote connectivity for essential IT and C-level personnel. Perhaps 15 percent of employees at most.

Now you’re facing the uncertainty if anyone will return to the brick and mortar office space. Possibly you’re left wondering if your infrastructure can handle the increased load long term, on average 80 to even 100 percent remote workforce.

How do you handle employee turnover? This could mean increased administrative responsibilities for the IT staff which could lead to mistakes… We’re all human and it happens.

Trifecta can help with:

1. Ready to ship inventory

We have millions of dollars of networking equipment in stock in our warehouse here in Tampa Bay. Global supply chains are under immense pressure and you may be seeing lead times that stretch to eight weeks or more. Reach out today so we can help you with our current inventory of ready to ship products or through our breadth of industry relationships and remote inventories. Most products in inventory can ship same day, overnight.

2. Professional field services capabilities throughout North America

Our techs are in the field and ready to be onsite as an extension of your team. If you have a project that needs to be completed but you cannot travel or don’t have remote engineers available, call us, we can help.

3. Remote access and VPN assessments

We know it’s critical for you to anticipate outages and to ensure you have the necessary gear on hand and remote access capabilities to keep your infrastructure up and running. It’s vital all hardware has the proper throughput to handle extra loads from remote employees. We can develop the right options for you now.

4. Equipment rental program

We can creatively develop short- or long-term rental solutions around the technology you need now without the burden of a capital purchase. Now is the time to consider taking advantage of our rental program so that you’re well positioned for your planned and emergency situations.

Trifecta Networks can help with all of these unforeseen operational surprises. From IT staff augmentation to logistics, we get IT done.

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