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Tri-Net: Trifecta’s Hardware Maintenance and Support Offering

We provide an alternative to costly and rigid manufacturer maintenance to support your IT assets beyond their warranty or service agreement. Tri-Net is a customized solution, delivered globally, to extend the lifecycle of your hardware while protecting your bottom line.

Tri-Net Drives Meaningful Savings and Efficiencies

  • Customizable and cost-effective alternative to expensive and inflexible OEM contracts
  • Covers current, EOL and EOSL IT assets that are beyond their initial warranty or service agreement while protecting your bottom line
  • Global capabilities to extend the lifecycle and ROI of your hardware
  • Programs can complement any existing coverage that you have

Features of The Program

  • Three levels of support
  • 24/7/365 Live Response
  • On-site Sparing
  • 700+ Forward Stocking Location
  • Comprehensive Service Portfolio

Advantages of Tri-Net:

Cost Savings

  • 30-60% savings vs. OEM pricing
  • Don’t pay for iOS updates that are free
  • Don’t pay for 100% OEM attachment
  • Don’t pay for software that is not coming


  • Custom contracts available (monthly & multi-year)
  • Flexible support program types – part and/or tech to site
  • Customize the support model and SLAs
  • Ability to terminate without penalty

Exceptional Support Experience

  • Accelerated repair/response time
  • Online portal to manage and track tickets
  • Individualized attention
  • Techs with brand technology vs just product expertise

Extend Useful Life of Equipment

  • Otherwise known as ‘Asset Sweating’
  • Upgrade at your pace, not the OEM’s
  • OPEX savings and CAPEX avoidance that increases the ROI on your technology investments

Here Are The Equipment Types We Can Support In Your Business


Cisco, Brocade, Ruckus, Extreme, Juniper, F5, HPE


Dell, IBM, HP, SUN, Oracle, SuperMicro, Lenovo

Servers Blades

HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco

Data Storage

EMC, NetApp, Dell, HP, HDS

Tape Storage

ADIC/Quantum, Qualstar, STK

Tri-Net Service Levels


  • 24/7/4 includes part and engineer within 4 hours of diagnoses 


  • 24/7/NBD includes part and engineer if diagnosed after midnight, NBD


  • 8/5/NBD includes part and engineer
  • Monday – Friday 8am -5pm

Tickets can be opened at any time – Clock starts once the fault is diagnosed (2 pm – local to the site)