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Our rigorous 5-Star Certification process ensures Trifecta preowned equipment meets the highest quality standards


Quality Controlled Supply Chain

  • Over many years we have established strong buying relationships from fully vetted and regularly recredentialled vendors of pre-owned equipment
  • We enjoy an exceptional reputation with this eco-system thus ensuring access to the highest quality and greatest variety of equipment

Comprehensive Physical Audit and Inspection

  • Our team of certified engineers performs a comprehensive inspection of each piece of equipment to confirm authenticity and screen for signs of tampering or damage

Board Level Inspection

  • All modules and interface boards with exposed circuitry are inspected and disassembled, if necessary, to identify damage, unauthorized repair work and authenticity.
  • Any board-level element that does not meet quality standards or is found to be non-conforming is rejected

Functional Testing

  • Technician’s first power on and restore factory default settings by erasing all files and configurations unnecessary for normal operations
  • Using our in-house automation software and proprietary error-check scripts, diagnostic tests are performed on ports (transferring data across a network and measured results meet acceptable performance ranges for the test type) and internal and external interface slots
  • Diagnostic “test reports” for the device are cataloged and available to you upon request
  • Similar methods are used to inspect and test phones

Finishing and Packing

  • Items that pass testing are cleaned internally using compressed air, any scratches are remediated, and the exterior is thoroughly cleaned removing extraneous stickers, adhesive, and other debris
  • Equipment is stored in our state-of-the-art ISO certified warehouse until it is expertly packed and shipped with accessories matching OEM standards (rack mounts, cables, blanks, etc.)