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Leverage Trifecta’s Capabilities, Infrastructure and Expertise with our Staging and Configuration Solutions!

We deliver customized Staging and Configuration services that save you time and reduce the burden on your internal resources. Whether you need staging of large volume roll outs, technical configurations, customized imaging, asset tagging, custom software loads and full solution integration, we have you covered. Our goal is to be an extension of your team so that you get your IT projects up and running smoothly on your schedule.

What our Staging and Configuration Services can do for you:

  • Services delivered in a controlled environment in our ISO certified integration and warehouse facility
  • Global logistics to over 80 countries
  • Architecture and integration services to assist in the design and build stages of your solutions
  • Configurations developed and pre-loaded on your devices per your specific requirements
  • Configured solutions fully tested with “burn in” time to ensure operability
  • Imaging services around your multiple images securely stored on our onsite servers
  • Asset tagging with custom or pre-existing asset tags to any equipment
  • Can be used for equipment Trifecta supplies or any other equipment you deliver to our facility
  • Covers most OEMs and technologies from data center to endpoint computing
  • If needed, you can leverage Trifecta as your local partner to deploy, install and cut over at any location in North America