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Manufacturers are always trying to get you to buy their latest and greatest equipment – they do this by designating equipment End-of-Life and End-of-Support (meaning they will no longer sell or support it) well before it reaches the end of its true useful/functional life. But don’t worry, you have plenty of options that will enable you to keep the products you have built your infrastructure around in production for as long as you, not the OEM, choose. Retain control of your equipment refresh schedule and maximize the ROI on your investments with TriNet, our third party maintenance program, even after the manufacturer has abandoned you.

We put together a current list of OEM products going EOL and EOSL. You can search or download below the detailed list with dates and product numbers. Trifecta is here to help you save money, evaluate options and stay in control of your IT infrastructure.

Search our EOSL database by typing in a product line or part number or click on a logo to sort by manufacturer.

What is EOSL?

EOSL stands for End of Service Life; where hardware is no longer eligible for manufacturer support due to the age of the equipment. It does not mean that the equipment stops working or becomes defunct, but that you’re no longer able to access support directly from the manufacturer.

What is EOL?

EOL stands for End of Life and is the point at which a manufacturer determines its product to be no longer relevant, and so it ceases to manufacture, market or sell it. There may be service updates to the product after this date, but it is no longer available to purchase as new.