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Dell PowerEdge Servers are a comprehensive line of enterprise servers designed to deliver performance, scalability, and reliability for various business applications.

Dell PowerEdge Servers

PowerEdge is the cornerstone of Dell’s foundation to help businesses drive faster transformation, deliver greater insight with Generative AI, and accelerate operations at the speed of business.

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers deliver high core density with enhanced memory speeds, faster NVMe storage options, and BIOS tuning. One-socket servers offer a cost-effective balance of performance and storage capacity designed to easily grow. Two-socket servers accommodate more demanding workloads. Four-socket servers offer the highest performance for the most demanding workloads like data analytics, AI, and GPU databases.

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers adapt to changing workloads with flexible expansion options that deliver a strong, modern IT infrastructure. One-socket servers are cost-effective, entry-level solutions designed for core office workloads like file sharing, printing, point of sale, and database applications. Two-socket tower servers accommodate high-performance applications like web serving, consolidation, and virtualization with more cache and speed.  

Dell PowerEdge XR Rugged Servers

Dell PowerEdge XR Edge Servers capture and process more data at the edge with servers certified to operate in space constrained, rugged conditions. Rugged PowerEdge XR servers are built to withstand extreme heat, dust, shock, and vibration from factory floors, construction sites, mobile command centers, and other locations outside the data center.

Dell PowerEdge Modular Infrastructure

Dell PowerEdge Modular Infrastructure solutions let you optimize your IT infrastructure for traditional, new and emerging workloads. The MX, 7U solution is designed for enterprise data center density with easy deployment and management. C Series server nodes provide dense, accelerated computing platform for high-performance cognitive workloads.

Intrinsic Security Icon

Intrinsic Security PowerEdge Servers are designed with security as a foundational principle. Harnessing cryptographic verification, system lockdown, and robust boot and firmware safeguards are the foundation of a silicon Root of Trust. Dell PowerEdge security technologies help fortify IT defenses, instilling confidence while helping accelerate the adoption of a Zero Trust security strategy.

Intuitive Systems Management Icon

Intuitive Systems Management The Dell OpenManage management portfolio simplifies IT operations by streamlining processes with intuitive automation. The tools facilitate effortless discovery, deployment, monitoring, securing and updating of PowerEdge servers, reducing downtime and complexity. By proactively managing power and cooling, OpenManage also helps deliver optimal performance and energy conservation.