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Savings, Performance and Availability

As the demand for technology continues to outpace budget availability, IT professionals are being relied on to do more with less. At the same time, OEMs keep pushing their increasingly expensive “latest and greatest” lines while sunsetting many of their most popular, and perfectly functioning, products. For most companies, attempting to keep up with OEM product launches is neither financially possible nor even necessary. Selectively adding high-quality, reliable pre-owned equipment to their infrastructure is a proven and rational strategy that simplifies the buying process and reduces total cost of ownership.

Trifecta’s 5-Star Certified equipment program offers you high quality networking, server, storage and telephony equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. At 50%-90% savings, our equipment is sourced from trusted channelsthoroughly tested and then expertly packaged with all the accessories you would receive from the OEM. With two decades in the market, we have finely tuned our processes and workflows resulting in an out-of-box failure rate of just 0.2% for Trifecta 5-Star Certified equipment. However, if there ever is an issue, you will have the peace-of-mind knowing that Trifecta stands behind its products with an industry-leading advanced replacement Lifetime Warranty.

5 Star Certified

Trifecta 5-Star Certified equipment will:

  • Stretch your budget
  • Perform as expected
  • Increase the returns on your IT Investments
  • Help slow-down or avoid costly network refresh cycles
  • Come with an industry leading Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty

Brands Offered


The case for using Trifecta 5-Star Certified pre-owned equipment:

Quality and Reliability

New OEM components generally have an out-of-box failure rate of 2-3% compared to Trifecta’s failure rate of just 0.2% over the past 10+ years. Two things drive that; first, new products coming off the OEM’s assembly line are batch tested, meaning every product is not tested prior to shipping, which increases the chances of getting a defective unit. On the other hand, unless it’s unopened new-in-box, pre-owned equipment by definition has already passed the burn-in period during which the vast majority of failures occur. But then, in order to achieve Trifecta 5-Star Certification that hardware goes through a thorough vetting, testing and inspection process in our state-of-the-art ISO-certified facility conducted by certified engineers

Lower Costs

Trifecta CPO equipment will generally save you 50-90% off list prices which means meaningful savings that can be reallocated to other pressing projects


We stock millions of dollars of Cisco, Avaya and Extreme (to name a few) equipment in our ISO-certified warehouse ready to ship for your scheduled projects and emergency needs. We can provide multiple generations of equipment ranging from end-of-life to unopened new-in-box, current generation equipment sourced from excess supplies. On average, 85% of our CPO orders ship within 48 hours

Sweat Those IT Assets

At Trifecta we don’t believe you have to upgrade just because the manufacturer says so. We say, extend the life of the infrastructure you have – it’s designed, and proven, to perform much longer than the OEM wants you to believe. Trifecta is committed to providing and supporting high-quality end-of-sale / end-of-life equipment for as long as there is a need. Why overspend on hardware that is way beyond the technology requirements of your business needs? We will help you keep your current network up and running until your business needs change

An Unbeatable Warranty

Advanced replacement Lifetime Warranty – no catch, no strings, no BS

Our People & Approach

Our mission at Trifecta is to delight you. We are all about being hyper-responsive to quote requests or questions. Our account managers average 10+ years in the industry, we know our stuff and we work hard to really understand your needs so that you get what you need, not what an OEM says you need. We communicate constantly so you’ll always know where your order is throughout the process

It’s the Green Solution

Buying pre-owned equipment does more than stretch budgets and reduce lead times, it also reduces unnecessary waste that might otherwise end up in a landfill. It can also help bolster your own business’s reputation as an eco-friendly organization. Trifecta will even buy back your old products getting you cash or credit toward your upgrade. Today, as there is a shift to a greener world, Certified Preowned equipment has an even bigger place in networks.