Complete Your Deployment Projects On-Time and On-Budget with Trifecta’s Expert Professional Services

Procuring IT hardware is often the easier part of the equipment refresh process. Once you have it, what’s the best way to get it up and running where and when you need it? How much will it cost in terms of time, resources and budget? What about the burden on your team, is it better to have them out in the field or focused on running your business? Trifecta Networks can help answer those questions and develop and deliver a customized roll-out plan that makes you look like a rock star!

Benefits of our on-site implementation services:

  • The project will be done right and on time – our IT resources are local and will have the specific expertise with that OEM and part required
  • Hard dollar savings – why pay for flights, hotels and T&E if you don’t have to?
  • Reduced or eliminated burden on your people – let Trifecta be a true extension of your team
  • Avoid potential health risks associated with travel or having employees away from home and family
  • Keep your top resources focused on mission critical work rather than infrastructure support
  • Take a proactive approach to managing both the known and unknown projects you have upcoming with our retainer program
  • Will install equipment from any major OEM, and it does not have to have been purchased from us
  • Fully customizable SLAs
  • End-to-end scoping and project management

Let’s Get IT Done!