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Hypothetical comparison of hard costs for performing a simple install at a remote office

Internal Resources

Flights & Hotel: $750
Rental Car / T&E: $200
16 Hours Staff Offline*: $400

Trifecta Smart Hands Deployment

2hrs / Level 2 @ $165/hr: $300

Customer Total: $1,350

Customer Total: $330

Potential Direct Savings $1,020

*Assumes $25 per hour rate for internal staff

Additional Benefits

  • The project will be done right and on time – our IT resources are local and will have the specific expertise with that OEM and part required
  • Burden on team reduced / eliminated – let Trifecta be a true extension of your team
  • Eliminate any potential health risks associated with travel or having employees away from home and family
  • Keep your top resources focused on mission critical work instead of infrastructure support