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Trifecta’s retainer model is a convenient and proactive way to keep your operations on track and below budget.

As a partner to the world’s leading businesses and systems integrators for nearly 20 years, Trifecta is an expert at managing both the unanticipated and recurring technical support and solution needs of our clients large and small.

Typical Issues

  • Most organizations, especially in this environment, do not have a solution for nationwide on-site IT support
  • IT teams are stretched too thin by numerous low-level job tickets, taking their focus off mission critical activities
  • Traveling internal staff to multiple sites (or worse having to go back several times to fix time consuming non-essential problems) is a drain on resources
  • Internal staff often doesn’t have the expertise/ability to execute certain projects

IT Retainer Model Solution

  • Proactively prepare for unforeseen smart hands staffing needs using pre-budgeted / funded retainer model so you’re ready for support when you need it
  • Ability to dispatch resources with a click of a button in your custom portal
  • An easy way to eliminate strain that these all too often extraneous requests put on your group
  • Savings in the form of both the opportunity cost and in real dollars driven by dependable on-demand local resources with the specific expertise to handle those issues

Our IT retainer program is a proven and field-tested solution that guarantees the following:

  • Priority next day on-site service
  • A single point of contact throughout North America
  • Online ticketing systems to track call status and billing
  • Loyalty customer discounts
  • Thousands of field-tested, vetted and ranked technicians
  • Experience managing thousands of service events annually
  • A can-do, will-deliver, won’t stop technology solutions partner and talent provider