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The Dell Technologies Storage Portfolio offers a comprehensive range of storage solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, from small enterprises to large data centers.

With the Dell Storage Portfolio, you get high-speed data access with NVMe and storage class memory (SCM) technologies, modular and scale-out architectures to grow with business needs, simplified management interfaces, and comprehensive data protection features, including encryption, replication, and snapshot capabilities.

Dell PowerVault Storage

Dell PowerVault Entry-level and affordable storage arrays designed for small to medium-sized businesses.

Features: Affordable and easy to manage, Scalable architecture with support for both SAS and NL-SAS drives, Integrated data protection and remote management capabilities. Use Cases: Cost-effective storage for backup, archiving, and departmental applications.

Dell PowerFlex Storage

Dell PowerFlex Comprehensive software-defined infrastructure compatible with a broad range of hypervisors.

Features: Combines block and file storage, and compute in a single managed platform, 3-tier SAN or HCI architecture, Supports multiple container management and hyperscaler environments. Use Cases: Analytics, AI, machine learning, enterprise databases, and modern containerized applications.

Dell PowerMax Storage

Dell PowerMax A flagship Dell enterprise storage solution offering high performance and reliability.

Features: End-to-end NVMe and storage class memory support for ultra-fast data access, Advanced data services, AI-driven management and predictive analytics. Use Cases: Ideal for mission-critical applications, large-scale transactional workloads, and high-performance computing.

Dell PowerScale Storage

Dell PowerScale Scale-out NAS solutions that deliver massive scalability and simplicity.

Features: OneFS operating system for unified file system management, Linear scalability with multi-petabyte capacity, Seamless integration with cloud and multi-protocol support. Use Cases: Ideal for unstructured data, media and entertainment, healthcare, and big data analytics.

Dell PowerStore Storage

Dell PowerStore Modern, scalable, and high-performance storage appliances designed to handle diverse workloads.

Features: Scale-out architecture allows seamless expansion, Data-centric design with support for block, file, and VMware storage, Intelligent automation and built-in machine learning for optimized performance. Use Cases: Suitable for databases, applications, and virtualized environments requiring high I/O and low latency.

Dell VxRail Storage

Dell VxRail Engineered by Dell and VMware as a turnkey HCI system for accelerating data center modernization.

Features: The only jointly engineered HCI system with deep VMware integration, Flexible deployment model, Built-in data protection capabilities with PowerProtect Data Manager. Use Cases: Ideal for storage-dense applications like video analytics, graphic intensive VDI, and high-end 2D/3D visualization.

Dell UnityXT Storage

Dell Unity XT A midrange storage solution offering unified block and file storage with built-in efficiencies.

Features: Dual-active controller architecture for high availability, Simplified management and support for all-flash or hybrid configurations, Inline data reduction to optimize storage utilization. Use Cases: Versatile solution for general purpose storage, VDI, and smaller-scale databases.

Dell APEX Cloud Storage

Dell APEX Cloud Turnkey, full-stack, on-premises infrastructure engineered for your cloud ecosystem.

Features: Automated management and operations software, Full-stack lifecycle management, Consistent operational experience across the cloud ecosystem. Use Cases: A turnkey platform that is an ideal foundation for organizations adopting multi-cloud approaches.