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Comprehensive Portfolio of Wireless Network Services to Keep you Ahead of the Game

We specialize in enterprise-class WiFi solutions and services – both indoor and outdoor networks, location-based services and active RFID, voice over WiFi, assessments, troubleshooting, remediation, consulting and support. Projects start with a site survey, where we will apply the latest technology and data capture methods to assess requirements and performance factors. From here, design and installation will be planned and completed followed by extensive optimization that doesn’t end until optimal performance is achieved. Our extensive experience incorporates industry best practices for design and security with keen focus on the many requirements for highly sensitive or regulated industries such as PCI-compliant retail, healthcare or financial institutions. Learn how to save money by avoiding these 5 Wi-Fi mistakes.

1. Wireless Site Audits

First, our site survey team is equipped with customer site survey kits that are fully self-powered and eliminate the need for customers to have a man-lift on hand. Our complete summary of the current wireless environment includes Visio diagrams and heat maps confirming existing Access Point layout and proposed layout for optimal coverage.

2. Architecture – Build of Materials

Next, our certified engineers will work hand-in-hand with you to design an end-to-end solution that meets both your needs and budget – includes all major OEM solutions and all the equipment you need. We can stage and pre-configure the equipment and then we will ship to site for install.

3. Installation Services

Then we will label AP’s with your naming conventions and perform any required ethernet cable adjustments. We can supply a full cabling design and installation along with the conduits and drops. Our team will perform AP, networking and cabling installation and provide full documentation of configurations, locations and labeling.

4. Final Optimization

Last, we will validate the wireless install and tune APs for optimal performance and review new architecture for final coverage and interference. We will provide a final analysis report including environment health status and key findings with engineering notes. Trifecta can be available for annual performance surveys and any onsite or remote services needed.