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Wired Ethernet is being replaced by Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) to connect end users and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is important your wireless network is optimized to ensure speed, reliability and security.

Large-scale designs and upgrades to an enterprise network can be an expensive task. Network Administrators can save time and money by avoiding these 5 common mistakes:

1. Antiquated wireless architecture

Sticking to a single controller for a single location can help avoid potential problems including authentication issues between differently managed WLANs, excessive interference, and complicated user handoffs between access points. The first step to updating your outdated wireless architecture is choosing a single vendor to create a uniformed network. Trifecta Networks can be your partner in choosing a customized solution.

2. Focusing on coverage only

When it comes to arranging your access points (AP), focus on capacity verses physical coverage. A wireless system should be customized design for the area: some parts of a building may have a higher concentration of device usage than others. Device types also should be taken into consideration, as well as the physical environment. Extra APs maybe needed for high-volume environments, such as public venues, stadiums and conference halls. Trifecta Networks can help you assess, design and implement the most effective AP deployment for every type of environment.

3. Incorrect antennae arrays for the application

In environments like warehouses and manufacturing buildings a built-in antenna may not be sufficient due to their high ceilings and physical barriers. Whether you need a built-in or external antenna, Trifecta can help you select the right antenna and accessories for your Wireless application.

4. WiFi can be the weak link in network security

In today’s security conscious world, using a pre-shared key can open your organization up to a multitude of problems. A shared password opens the door to unauthorized users, especially if it is not updated. It’s better to authenticate individual users via the 802.1X standard and or use complex passwords that are updated regularly. This allows you to better monitor and restrict Wi-Fi access. Trifecta Networks’ IT advisors can share multiple authentication solutions for your organization.

5. Failing to do comprehensive site surveys

Wi-Fi signals are sensitive to environmental changes. Multiple devices, physical barriers and external interference can all have a large impact on your WLANs operability. Performing regular wireless site surveys can help in detecting changing in the spectrum and make any needed adjustments.

A site assessment is an inexpensive first step in determining your network effectiveness. Call Trifecta Networks to arrange an assessment or survey.

Your organization’s success depends on a robust, secure wireless network for critical operations and a great user experience. Choose Trifecta Networks as your experienced partner to help you design, implement and maintain your WLAN in the most cost-effective way. Call 866-771-9785 today to get started.

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