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Even in the age of wireless, wires are needed to support all wireless capabilities.  Cabling is a vital infrastructure and is crucial for all the connections your network relies on.

The importance of structured cabling

When a structured cabling system is in place, your network operates more smoothly and ensures your IT infrastructure is as efficient as possible.  An unorganized cabling system can lead to tangling, damaged cables, accidents, risk of shock and fires. 

Improve your security with structured cabling

Wireless networks are not as secure as a wired network, specifically when it comes to employees using their own mobile devices to connect to a company network.  Sending confidential data over a wireless network will never be as safe as a wired network which provides higher speed, increased security, employer control and reliability on your local network.

The right structured cabling for your infrastructure:

Do you own the building, are you renting, will you move in 5-10 years?  All of this information is used to determine which of the available cable categories is right for you. 

  • Have Cat5 or Cat5e in place? It’s time to upgrade for better speed and power. 
  • Rely on POE devices, VOIP telephone systems, cameras, WIFI?  A Cat6 or Cat6a upgrade is right for you.   
  • Looking for higher speeds with lower crosstalk? Cat7 is the choice for you. 
  • What about Fiber Optic Cable?  If you own the building or plan to stay put for years to come, fiber is becoming the gold standard for companies reaching their bandwidth limits with Cat6.

Our experts will work with you to:

  • Choose the right type of cabling, based on your network performance needs, how long you plan to occupy the space, and your budget
  • Plan adequate space for closets and pathways to allow for changes and growth
  • Coordinate and manage projects to ensure seamless integration Whether you are in the phase of new construction, adding for growth, or ready to upgrade, Trifecta Networks is your perfect partner.  Our professional, specialized cabling professionals take the time to learn about your specific needs.