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History has shown us that businesses only veered towards used IT equipment when they couldn’t get parts or service they needed for old equipment they were still running their networks on. Companies had a comfort level in buying new equipment directly from the manufacturer when it comes to dealing with their infrastructure.

Today, as IT becomes driven by millennials, there is a shift in this behavior and thinking. Being brought up in a green world, we are always looking for the most environmentally conscious option when building our networks. Typically, when companies needed to add to their networks, it would entail a whole network refresh. The option to buy used equipment allows companies to just add on to the current infrastructure, keeping the same standardized makes and models they have been using. The cost savings for this option over a network refresh is not only about the equipment cost but also the time taken to take the old equipment out, install and configure the new equipment, and learning new management software.

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OEMs that used to scoff at used equipment have jumped on the bandwagon and recognize the need in the used equipment market. Resellers with OEM partnerships can sell companies a hybrid solution offering them the combination of used and new equipment from them or from the OEM. The warranties that are attached to this gear tend to be better than new equipment warranties, another reason the industry is getting more attention. On the other side of buying is the selling green initiative. Most used resellers also offer a buy-back program which allows you to sell back gear you are no longer using. This can help reinvest in your network by getting cash back or credit on an account. Resellers buyback programs offer an easy, low-cost way to sell back your equipment ensuring that the proper data destruction protocols are in place.

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