What is proper cable Installation? 

Cables for data, voice and power are the backbone of an enterprise. Improper cabling can rack up steep costs in money, time and safety risks.  

Cabling establishes a clear path for all the connections your organization relies on to function properly. If your cables are a tangled mess or aren’t clearly marked, it will take a huge investment in time – not to mention lost productivity – to organize them.  

Secure, structured cabling is best left to professionals like Trifecta Networks. This prevents fewer errors, fewer replacements and fewer downtime episodes for your IT team.  

How to make cables last longer 

Cables are a significant investment. The first sign of cabling trouble is a device that doesn’t function as it should. Troubleshooting is far more difficult if cables are unorganized. Structured cabling is not only a neater look; it makes it crystal clear which cable feeds which device. This extra effort saves enormous amounts of time and replacement costs.  

Don’t stress your cables 

Unchecked cabling problems can become safety hazards. Cables can become damaged from excess tension when hung laterally, cinched too tightly, or inadequately supported. Cables also need to be protected. The best way to achieve this is by running them through conduits and by using cord covers when cables must be laid across floors.  

Planning your cutover strategy 

Another safety consideration is the cutover process. This is a vital step when transitioning between legacy systems and new equipment. There is no shortcut to cutovers. It requires training, preparation and reviews at both the network and station levels. This is essential to reduce the risk of downtime, as well as proper testing before going live.  

Cable splicing standards 

Create a spicing protocol to make sure team members working on the system thoroughly understand safety procedures, BICSI standards and organizational goals. This includes standardizing the types of crimps and tools needed for the job.  

You’ve made a significant investment in your infrastructure. To protect it as you grow, turn to an experienced solution provider like Trifecta Networks to design and implement your organization’s cabling protocol.

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