(April 21, 2021, TBBJ.com) By Brendan Ward

Trifecta Networks is honored to be named No. 3 on the 2021 Best Places to Work list. This is our first appearance on the list and we are proud to be recognized among the other great companies of Tampa Bay. Since our beginning, rock-solid customer relationships based on exceptional service delivered by awesome people has been the foundation of what makes Trifecta special. Check out our feature from the Tampa Bay Business Journal and learn more about Trifecta Networks!

How would you describe your company to someone outside of your industry?
We focus on helping our customers drive value out of every stage of the IT lifecycle. It starts with our hybrid approach to hardware blending world-class pre-owned solutions with an extensive catalog of strategic OEM partnerships. Our reliable and cost-effective professional services are designed to be an extension of our customer’s team and our maintenance solutions help reduce the total cost of ownership for their IT infrastructure. From procuring and deploying, to maintenance and disposal of equipment, we get IT done.

What is your company culture in a #hashtag? #deliverwhatyoupromise

Are you currently hiring? If so, how many positions are open?
Yes, we are always looking for exceptional sales talent both at the account management and the business development level. We are also always looking for technical talent to support our pre and post sales processes as well as project managers to ensure our complex, multi-stage projects are delivered exceptionally. We currently have four open positions.

What is a common trait you find in ideal candidates? What’s a common question you ask in the job interview process?
First and foremost they must have a can-do attitude and a passion for delivering an amazing customer service experience. We hire for attitude and train for aptitude. Every candidate must read our Vivid Vision document which lays out exactly what we hope Trifecta will look like in three years and we always ask every candidate specifically how they believe they will contribute to making the vision a reality.

How has your company handled Covid-19?
Well, like everyone we were hit pretty hard during the second quarter of 2020 as the world shut down but we bounced right back starting in the third quarter and that has continued into 2021. We’re blessed to work at a company that is built to weather these kinds of storms. Our specialty is working with customers to identify creative solutions to stretch budgets and to drive operating efficiencies and we’ve yet to find a company that isn’t interested in the same.

What perks are offered by your company?

• Pets in the office
• Health benefits
• Vision benefits
• Dental benefits
• Ability to work remotely
• Game room
• Flexible scheduling
• Off-site company outings
• Dress down day or relaxed dress code
• Personal days and/or Paid time off

Does your company offer any kind of tuition assistance to the employees, or education benefits?
Not directly but we do provide funding and time off for our sales and technical teams to earn various industry certifications that make them more expert and better at their jobs.

Are there any other perks offered or employee benefit(s) that stand out?
The biggest perk at Trifecta is the culture – it’s all based on our five core values:
1. Deliver What You Promise
2. Care for Others
3. Take Pride in all You Do
4. Have Some Freakin’ Fun
5. Build Lasting Relationships

They are more than just words on a wall, we live and breathe them every day and it has fostered a culture of teamwork, transparent communication, support and fun!

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