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Opening a new office? Updating an existing location?
We have your solution.
The Branch Office in a Box from Trifecta Networks.

BOB makes expanding or upgrading easy, providing everything you need to deploy, maintain and support your network. BOB also makes it affordable, with more than 70% off list price!

All the Things You Need in a Single Box

From retail spaces to clinics and offices, every organization has the same requirements. You need internet security, physical security and robust WiFi. But, with limited budgets, thin technical resources, and a ton of vendors and solutions to consider, assembling all the necessary components can be overwhelming and waste valuable time that’s better spent focusing on your business. Thankfully, BOB has you covered.

Trifecta has listened to its customers and simplified the entire process with BOB’s help. One SKU provides the hardware you need to work seamlessly in a typical 25- to 65-user environment – no complex BOMs, multiple vendors or integration concerns with BOB.

You can even choose from optional accessory bundles and professional installation services to further simplify and streamline. Accessory bundles include the most common cables, optics and mounting kits needed for basic installations. For customers short on technical resources or limited availability in a new or remote location, Trifecta’s Professional Services Team can work hand-in-hand with BOB.

What’s Inside?


Perfectly sized for common connectivity requirements up to 1Gb 


WiFi-6 wireless access points


Advanced high-definition security cameras


Managed switch with full PoE+ power

Internet Security

Each BOB bundle includes one security gateway appliance, perfectly sized for common connectivity requirements. The secure cloud platform virtually eliminates the need for advanced firewall staff experts or complex CLI-based rules to keep your network safe and secure.

Physical Security

You also get two advanced security cameras. These high-definition cameras incorporate direction to the secure cloud platform and integrate storage right into each device, which further simplifies the deployment and management of your environment.

Robust WiFi

BOB comes with a managed switch and two WiFi access points. Once again, the switch incorporates directly into the secure cloud platform for management and control of your network while providing full PoE+ power for all your IoT devices. The access points provide great wireless coverage and support dozens of users with the full management and security of the secure cloud platform.

Why BOB?

And now for the best part. The combined MSRP for all this equipment is over $9,700. BOB saves you over 70% on that purchase price. So, not only do you eliminate the hassles and frustrations of piecing together components, you also save a ton of money. Another bonus: BOB standardizes all your deployments moving forward, so you’ve got the protection and functionality you need across all your locations with scalable solutions by Trifecta.

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