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Network Equipment

Network Switches

New and Used Networks SwitchesAs a network engineer, mapping out a network diagram is key in planning for growth in your network. With the addition of new servers and workstations, the network switch you choose to add to your network needs to be robust, reliable and fast. Trifecta networks understands your wiring closet needs to have the best devices to keep your company going without interruptions. 

We have wide selection of the most popular brands including Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Extreme Networks, HP and Brocade. 24 and 48 port switches are the most popular with PoE options available. Let's grow your network together, contact us today!


Network Routers

Network RoutersWhether you are looking to route internally in your LAN or between branch offices, there's a network router solution scalable for your needs. It's also extremely important that you are passing data securely and should include firewall and VPN handling to keep your data safe. Juniper  and Cisco are the most popular solutions.

Maybe you are looking for a preventative replacement, in the event there is a failure in your network. Paying a fraction of the price for a certified pre-owned router that operates at the same capacity as a new one is a smart decision. No waiting, just plug in and you're good to go. Let the Trifecta team help you locate the best solution for your network today!


Network Security Hardware

New & Pre-Owned Network Security HardwareIn today's online world, network security is the number one priority in any class-sized network. Not just securing your company and customer's sensitive data, but to keep operations running smoothly, reducing the worry of the next big attack.

Our IT experts constantly keep up to date with best practices to reduce that threat. Whether you are trying to avoid ARP spoofing or ICMP attacks, we understand your technical needs and can assist in providing you re-assurance in the network security solution that fits your network's needs. Juniper  and Cisco are highly recommended and are trusted by 10,000s of companies world-wide.


QSFP+, SFP Optics and Transceivers

QSFP+, SFP Optics and TransceiversA network is only as reliable and fast from the fiber optics connecting those devices. Trifecta networks has a full line of QSFP+, SFP transceivers ranging from speeds of 10G up to 100G. All SFPs are 100% compatible with routers and switches for leading brands including Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Extreme Networks.


Wireless Network Devices

New & Pre-Owned Wireless Network DevicesSchools, hospitals and warehouses need to have information available for everyone in the facility, with proper permissions of course. A single wireless access point in a 20,000 square foot location is not going to do the job.

You need a scalable solution that expands by node. As your company grows, the ease of adding new wireless access points should almost be plug and play, while still applying the global policies in place. 


Office VOIP Phones

New & Pre-Owned Office VOIP PhonesWhat is one of the most important features of a high-quality VOIP phone? Outside of the ease of setting up and configuration, the clarity of the call from both ends would rule the day. Today, we refer to this as HD Voice so every caller gains access to more of the spectrum of wideband audio.

Not having clear and concise communication can be very costly. Trifecta Networks has business VOIP phone systems from leading brands including Cisco and Avaya. Give us a call today!


Network Cables

New & Pre-Owned Network CablesThere are many brands of cables out there, but only one brand has past our quality standards in the transmission of data and reliability, Gencom. From fiber patch cables to Ultra HD fiber cables, we have the quality your network device demands for optimal transmission rates.

In addition, we have a full line of premium Ethernet cables from sizes as short as 4ft. up to 1000ft. Let the Trifecta Network's team find the exact cable with connectors you need the first time. Contact us today.


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