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Testing & Inspection

t Trifecta Networks Equipment Testing Lab

Over 17 Years in Operation  

Not many companies can make the statement of having the most advanced network equipment testing lab to date. With a less than 1% return rate on all certified pre-owned hardware, the Trifecta testing lab has a proven track record to provide reliable equipment at a fraction of the cost of new gear.

Our network engineers are continually making improvements, ensuring all equipment tested maintains the highest level of quality you would expect from an industry leader. Over 1,500,000 networking products have been tested.


Most Popular Product Types Tested by Engineering

We only Provide Genuine Networking Products

Counterfeit products can be hardware, software, or documentation where a manufacturer logo or intellectual property has been used without the proper consent from the manufacturer.

"Trifecta Networks has a NO tolerance policy for counterfeit gear."

Counterfeit products often contain inferior components, illegal software, and the quality level is usually suspect. In addition, counterfeit products are often sold at a much greater discount than genuine product because Trifecta Networks operates in a space where we are already selling great gear at a discount it is very important that the gear we buy is 100% genuine. That's why our state-of-the-art testing facility has a full regiment of anti-counterfeit tests and inspections performed on each piece of equipment that passed through our lab.

If a piece of equipment fails one of those tests it is rejected and in some cases all items from that vendor will be rejected and the vendor will be added to a blacklist to prevent any further equipment transaction that may involve counterfeit equipment.

Trifecta Networks works closely with other vendors and groups in the industry to maintain the market inventory is clear of any non-genuine products

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Getting to the Specifics - Equipment Inspection, Testing, and Staging

External Inspection

  • Faceplate clean with no excessive marks
  • Case screws present and not stripped
  • Manufacturer stickers and markings present and legible/scan able
  • Power supplies and power supply connectors checked for damage
  • Power cord present and correct type for unit.
  • Physical ports checked for damage, bent pins, or corrosion
  • Chassis checked for dents, dings, cracks, and scratches

Internal Inspection

  • Backplane, power supply, and fan tray slots/connectors checked for damage
  • DIMM and compact flash slots check for damage
  • Compact Flash ejector checked for damage
  • Daughter cards checked for damage or missing components
  • Verify no loose screws or parts inside (Shake if possible)
  • Heatsinks properly attached, not dented or discolored
  • On-board connectors not bent or damaged
  • All required cables present and routed properly
  • On-board chips and capacitors in good condition not bubbled or leaking
  • Interior clean and free of debris (blown out if needed)

Equipment Testing

  • Technician connects the equipment to TestShell via a console cable and power cable.
  • Technician connects applicable data lines to every port of the unit under test.
  • Technician starts the TestShell test and awaits the results:
    • TestShell powers on the unit and accesses rommon.
    • TestShell deletes configuration files in rommon on switches
    • TestShell sets the configuration to be ignored on routers to boot factory.
    • TestShell boots the unit into IOS and performs a “write erase” and “erase /all nvram:”
    • TestShell reconfigures the unit for lab testing environment and tests ports.
    • TestShell enters the flash: of the unit and deletes all files excluding the IOS.
      • A squeeze is performed on applicable units to prevent “undelete”
    • TestShell processes all relevant “show” commands and evaluates the results for errors.
    • TestShell opens a diagnostic results file for Technician verification.


  • Item sanded/painted as necessary to produce "Like-New" appearance
  • Internal inspection verifying all connectors properly seated
  • verify internal components are free from dust and debris
  • Secure lid to equipment body
  • Verify all screws installed match and are not stripped
  • Final wipe down and visual inspection of equipment exterior

Shipping Inspection

  • Faceplate clean with no excessive marks
  • Case screws present and not stripped
  • Accessories present are in working order and correct for the model
  • Check all slot covers are present front and rear
  • Manufacturer stickers and markings present and legible/scannable
  • Power supply connectors checked for damage
  • Physical ports checked for damage or bent pins
  • Chassis free of dents, dings, cracks, and scratches
  • Chassis plastic handles in good condition - no cracks or excessive wear
  • Verify no loose screws or parts inside (Shake if possible)


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