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What does Trifecta 5 Star Certified mean to you? The short answer is quality assurance, peace of mind and reliability. Let me explain. At Trifecta Networks we take quality very seriously and design all our processes and organize our priorities with the goal of always delivering the highest quality pre-owned equipment. Here’s how we do it:

Quality controlled supply chain

Over the past two decades, Trifecta Networks has established strong, long-term, buying relationships with fully vetted and regularly recredentialled vendors of pre-owned equipment. Our exceptional reputation with this eco-system ensures we have access to the highest quality and greatest variety of equipment.

Comprehensive physical audit & inspection

Our team of certified engineers perform a comprehensive inspection of each piece of equipment to confirm authenticity and screen for signs of tampering or damage.

Our external inspection process includes:

  • Verifying faceplates are clean and without damage
  • All case screws are present and not stripped
  • Manufacturer stickers are present and legible
  • Power supplies are checked for damage
  • Physical ports are checked for damage, bent pins, and corrosion
  • Chassis are checked for dents, dings, cracks, and scratches

Only those items meeting our high standards move on to the next phase of inspection.

Board-level inspection

All modules and interface boards with exposed circuitry are inspected and disassembled, if necessary, to identify damage, unauthorized repair work and authenticity.

Our internal inspection includes checking for damage to the: Backplane, power supply, fan tray slots/connectors, DIMM and compact flash slots, compact flash ejector, daughter cards, and on-board connectors.

We verify there are no loose screws or parts inside the equipment, check the heatsinks are properly attached, not dented or discolored, all required cables are present and routed correctly, on-board chips and capacitors are in good condition and the equipment’s interior is clean and free of debris.

At this stage of the process, any board-level element that does not meet quality standards or is found to be non-conforming is rejected.

Functional testing

Trifecta’s technicians power on and restore the equipment to the factory default settings by erasing all files and configurations unnecessary for normal operations.

Using our in-house automation software and proprietary error-check scripts, diagnostic tests are performed on ports (transferring data across a network and measured results meet acceptable performance ranges for the test type) and internal and external interface slots.

Diagnostic “test reports” for the device are reviewed by our test engineers and identified as either a passed or failed unit. The reports are then cataloged and available to you upon request.

Similar methods are used to inspect and test phones.

Finishing & packaging

Once the device passes this process, it is cleaned internally using compressed air, any scratches are remediated and the exterior is thoroughly cleaned to remove extraneous stickers, adhesive, and other debris.

Equipment is then officially Trifecta Five Star Certified and is safely stored in our state-of-the-art ISO certified warehouse, until it is expertly packed and shipped with accessories matching OEM standards (rack mounts, cables, blanks, etc.)

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